*walks into starbucks* lemme get uh spaghetti bolognese macchiato

"sir we don’t serve that"

don’t bullshit me i saw the secret menu on instagram

  • zayn: [breathes]
  • me: NICE
  • zayn: [walks]
  • me: AWESOME
  • zayn: [talks]
Ross fucked up [on the bass] because he was too busy looking at someone’s tits
Matty Healy referring to a gig in Australia (via nialllhoran)

8 months today…I miss you so much. I really can’t believe it. I still keep thinking you’re here. How am I supposed to start my senior year without you? How can I sit through assemblies without you there to crack jokes till we both start crying laughing. I miss you so damn much. I love so much, everyone misses you so much. I wish you could see the hole you left on this earth. It’s never gonna be the same without you..Rest easy baby.

Cry-Baby (1990)

Angelina Jolie by David LaChapelle 
No Flex Zone
Artist: Nicki Minaj

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